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Dunbar Funerals and Cremations Serving Downtown Columbia, South Carolina
Dunbar Funerals and Cremations is an important member of the Columbia community with a history that dates back to 1884. From the very beginning, Dunbar has been a much respected establishment that takes great pride in meeting the unique needs of each and every family by providing the most dignified, professional service available. 

Dunbar Funerals and Cremations understands that no two lives are the same and they offer a custom funeral planning program that allows families to honor and remember their loved one in a personal way. From the gathering place to the music, tastes, and smells, Dunbar Funerals and Cremations works with their clients to create a memorable service that will tell the personal story of their loved one.

Planning a funeral or arranging a memorial service is not something that people do every day. Dunbar Funerals and Cremations understands that this can be very challenging. Their experienced and caring staff members are just a phone call away so that they can assist you through this emotional time. The Dunbar Funerals and Cremations website provides an Arrangement Conference Guide that will give you an idea of what you might expect and things to keep in mind. In addition, they have a Virtual Arrangement Conference that is available free of charge to help prepare for the arrangement conference.

Dunbar Funerals and Cremations provide exceptional resources to assist clients during this difficult time. They have videos and articles available online that help clients write a fitting obituary, write and deliver a eulogy, make a special tribute to their loved one and more. In addition, they provide grief support to help families and friends as they are grieving the loss of their loved one.

Most importantly, Dunbar Funerals and Cremations offers a professional, caring team that is there to help you remember and honor your loved one in a way that reflects their unique life and individual passions. Your funeral arranger will work with you to help plan a special funeral or memorial service that is as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Their goal is to arrange a service that will reflect the wishes of your family and honor the life of the person who was so special to you.

Contact Dunbar Funerals and Cremations today and allow this professional, compassionate team to assist you during this time of need. 

Dunbar Funerals and Cremations
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